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Blind Babies Program
The Blind Babies Program is a dual program designed to provide early intervention services to students under the age of 5 and their families in Marion and Levy County. Families are paired with certified vision rehabilitation specialists to provide hands-on, individualized training to both parent and child. Together, parents and the certified specialist discuss ideas and adaptations to determine priorities and set goals to encourage the child to become independent, contributing, and ready for Kindergarten. 

Early Intervention:
The time between birth and age five is crucial for development in cognitive skills and social interaction. Eighty to eighty-five percent (80-85%) of what we learn is through sight. When sight is taken away, it becomes more difficult to learn these skills. The Florida Center for the Blind strives to provide the earliest intervention to meet the unique needs of these children and ensure developmental and cognitive growth. 

Tools for Success:
Children in this program are provided with supplementary sensory learning tools and adaptive aids including tactile and audible materials. They will learn communication skills, including braille, and use of the mobility cane and assistive technology. The dual program empowers parents to reinforce these trainings and skills between lessons. 

The services in the Blind Babies Program aim to show a positive growth in obtaining age appropriate milestones so students are kindergarten-ready, and able to keep pace with their peers.

Indicators of Vision Loss
Your child holds objects close to their face or stands directly in front of the TV

Your child does not get excited at seeing bottles or toys

Your child over or under reaches for objects

Your child's eyes seem to wiggle or bounce

Your child does not make eye contact or look at your face

Your child tilts their head while looking closely at an object