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Florida Center for the Blind, Inc.

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Client Testomonies
FCB provides services to individuals who are blind and visually impaired from age 5 and above. FCB is the one constant in a client’s life that will be there through different life stages, challenges and triumphs. 

You can make a difference in their lives too!

Children’s Program (ages 5-13)
“The staff and instructors are teaching my son and me, giving us all the tools we need to succeed. Without FCB, we would be lost!” 
-Tiffany, Mother of a Student in the Children’s Program

Transition Program (ages 14-22
“FCB helped me be more active and independent in the community.”  
Matthew, Current Transition Student

Vocational Rehabilitation Program (ages 22+, going to work or college)
“The Center has had a positive effect on my life, helping me to understand that my vision loss was not the end, just a different direction and a new beginning.” 
- Brenda, Current Client 

Adult Program (ages 22-54
“FCB changed my life…I went from being severely depressed, thinking that I couldn't do anything, to a whole new world opening up to me.”
Cordelia, Alumna 

Older Blind Program (ages 55+
“I learned so much about things I never thought I could do again. I learned to cope. I learned so much from others. I really look forward to every class.” 
Lucy, Alumna