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Independent Living Skills
The  Independent Living  (IL) Program provides center-based and itinerant services for adults who are blind and visually impaired and who do not intend to return to work. The IL program provides instructional techniques and introduction to adaptive techniques to allow individuals with visual disabilities to continue to be safe and independent in their daily activities and able to remain in their homes. Center-based training takes place at our main facility in Ocala, FL. 

In their own words:

"I gained so much confidence.  I enjoyed the cooking classes and learning techniques to pour and measure." ~ Pearl

"I learned so much about things I never thought I could do again.  I learned to cope.  I learned so much from others.  I really looked forward to every class. ~ Lucy

"I learned how to cope.  Everyone in class is going through similar things." ~ Zack
Center-based training has an added value because it reduces the tendency toward isolation and enhances the development of friendships beyond the classroom.  

Itinerant training is one-on-one, home-based training, tailored to meet the client’s needs in his/her home. This can be as simple as assisting to mark appliances or more comprehensive assistance including any or all of the training provided in IL classes conducted at the FCB facility.