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Client Testimony 
Meet Ayden, a 7 year old student of the Florida Center for the Blind's (FCB) new Children's Program. 
“Ayden was born with a rare form of brain cancer called Pilocytic Astrocytoma. He has a large mass tumor that grows out of the middle of his central nervous system and into his optic pathways. His cancer is 100% inoperable and they do not believe that his vision will ever 

Ayden lost his vision very rapidly at the age of 3. He has been undergoing treatment for 
almost 4 years now and has had a total of 19 surgeries since 2013. Ayden and our family’s entire lives changed very quickly. Without the help of The Florida Center for the Blind, we would not have any hope at all. 

The staff and instructors are teaching my son and me, giving us all the tools we need to 
succeed. Without FCB, we would be lost! The doctors said he would be brain dead, but he's at the top of his class, reads Braille and is being put in gifted classes. FCB is a godsend and the best part is, it will always be there for us each step of the way, for the rest of our lives!! Thank you for giving us our lives back.” - Ayden’s Mom, Tiffany 

As a non-profit 501(c)(3), FCB relies heavily on the generosity of its supporters to continue its work in changing lives. Ayden is proof that this support truly makes a difference. 

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