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Florida Center for the Blind, Inc.

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Helping teens toward independence,  higher education & vocational success. 
Our Services
Florida Center for the Blind provides rehabilitation, class-room training at our facility or one-on-one instruction in client homes. To receive services from FCB, individuals must have a bilateral (affecting both eyes) visual impairment that cannot be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or surgery, resulting in difficulties in performing daily activities.
Essential skills to maintain maximum independence in daily activities.
Improving abilities to travel safely & independently in your environment
Leveling the playing field for those who want to return to work.
Teaching Braille skills as an alternative for reading & writing in everyday life.
Training in the use of adaptive & assistive technologies.
​Helping children obtain optimal academic success. 
​Classes aimed at providing confidence and positivity in our clients. 
Providing classes & presentations for our client's benefit.